Public Appointment Service (Ireland)

We are working collaboratively with the Public Appointments Service in Ireland to provide leading edge in depth assessment services for the most senior Executives in the Public Service using our premium Prism methodology to help enhance the talent pool.  

This approach enables us to provide succinct business focussed assessment reports and very insightful judgements and conclusions, helping to inform and bring higher levels of objectivity and confidence to the panel’s appointment decisions.  


Opes is a boutique consultancy bringing agile, leading edge and impactful solutions of organisations working on change and performance enhancement.  We work across both the public and private sector. 

Our unique deep dive assessments are blended with powerful talent, leadership and organisational change programmes.  Our coaching in context and systemic team solutions are also powerful tools in helping to achieve.  

Our approach is evidence-based; we use methodologies that are rooted in psychological research that work and deliver results.  Our people bring a distinctive blend of skills including business psychology, people and organisation development, lean thinking and most importantly a strong customer focus and mature experience of working with organisations in this area.

Specialties: Assessment, Systemic Team Coaching, Coaching, Talent, Leadership Organisational Development Projects. Assessment and Development Centres, Leadership and Culture Change programmes.

Opes partnered with us to help us take a fresh perspective on our talent strategy. They worked with our Senior Management and HR teams to facilitate the creation of a new Talent Management & Succession Management Policy & Strategy and the delivery of an innovative assessment and development solution for our high potential employees. The impact of this project has been significant – to quote one of the participants “The Future Leaders’ Programme was a fantastic addition to L&D in Tourism Ireland………It is setting the Company up for the future and ensuring that talent across the Company commits and contributes beyond their core role…..If anyone asks if they should apply for the Programme I automatically say ‘Yes’

- Clare Macleod, Head of Human Resources, Tourism Ireland

Some of our clients

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