Tourism Ireland

Tourism Ireland found it difficult to recruit for senior management positions from their internal pool and from an external perspective due to the technical nature of their organisation. They wanted to partner with an organisation that would help them to develop a process and strategy to manage their talent and ultimately create a pipeline for their succession management. “Future Leaders”.

As part of the process to identify the top talent within the organisation, we worked alongside the HR and L&D manager to design and create a multi stage approach. This involved:

  • An application process and form to be signed off by the line manager and a 360 questionnaire, which were both used to shortlist down to 25 to go through an assessment centre.
  • A review and update of the competence framework which was used as the basis for an assessment centre.
  • An assessment centre tailored to the Tourism Ireland context which produced detailed reports outlining strengths, risks and future potential in a leadership role. Because different levels were applying we had to be flexible in the design so that all levels could be fairly assessed and their potential for the next level gauged.

The assessment centre was given excellent feedback. Everyone that attended the programme used the reports to create a PDP and for those that didn’t, we delivered a personal development planning workshop.  

 The programme has completed its final module and will be thoroughly evaluated to ensure learnings are incorporated into the next programme, scheduled to begin shortly.

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