Public Appointment Service (Ireland)

We are working collaboratively with the Public Appointments Service in Ireland to provide leading edge in depth assessment services for the most senior Executives in the Public Service using our premium Prism methodology to help enhance the talent pool.  

This approach enables us to provide succinct business focussed assessment reports and very insightful judgements and conclusions, helping to inform and bring higher levels of objectivity and confidence to the panel’s appointment decisions.  

Our approach is practical, responsive and client-centred. It is also built on a firm evidence foundation around the leadership capabilities that research has shown to drive not only competence and present-day performance, but also longer-range potential and capacity to grow and develop further in more senior roles. Consequently, our “deep dive” approach helps us to review the capabilities and the qualities that allow leaders to adapt and thrive in environments that are evolving and complex rather than static. 

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This assessment included:

  • An initial meeting to discuss the role and the competencies, so that the Business psychologists have a good understanding of the context, the challenges and how the behaviours play out in the organisation
  • A number of psychometrics – personality profiles, a test of analytical thinking, a test of innovation, a test of business judgement and an in-depth face to face profiling session, looking at the task, people and thinking capabilities that underpin high performance (5 hour assessment)
  • Detailed assessment reports – these were presented to the panel and used to inform final selection steps and the appointment decision. All candidates were provided with feedback reports. The successful candidate and other internal candidates were provided with face to face developmental feedback alongside their report

Feedback from the key stakeholders confirm that the in depth reports play a very significant role in supporting the assessment and selection decision for these key, very high profile roles.