Irish Rails HPT

Opes have been providing support services for a large-scale Organisation Development and Leadership in Irish Rail for the past two years. The programme supported the Executive Team and Senior Leaders to develop the Mission, Vision and Values of the business and to align Leadership capability and practices to the vision. This included updating the competence framework, assessing capabilities and development planning for 140 leaders, master classes, business improvement teams and executive coaching.

A key part of the process was the Executive team committing to participating in a High-Performance Team Coaching process to help them role model team development and realise practical outcomes in the project.

The team completed a self-assessment diagnostic and one to one interviews to ensure they had ownership for describing the “current state” and “future state” they wanted to achieve. Building on the work they completed on Vision, Mission and Values they pinpointed “team dynamics” as key theme in line with the “One Team” value. They already had good professional working relationships but agreed that to achieve the significant strategic challenges ahead, they would have to minimise siloed thinking, optimise collaboration whilst ensuring regulatory requirements were respected.

We used Myers Briggs as one of the tools to build self-awareness and appreciation of individual difference and enable conversations that would lead to practical improvements in terms of relationships and processes such as team meetings, talent reviews and strategic decision making.

“The Opes team enabled us to diagnose priority areas to optimise our performance as a team. Using the HPT survey we decided to focus on a “One Team” theme in line with our values. Terry and John facilitated a fun but dynamic process that really helped us to build more trust into our relationships; gain a greater sense of shared purpose and a better appreciation of each other’s strengths. This in turn has helped us to bring a greater level of accountability and joined up working to addressing critical business issues and strategic challenges.”
David Frank, Chief Executive, Iarnród Éireann (Irish Rail)